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As a mobile business, we understand that you need to accept bookings and take payments from anywhere.

Our software is ideal for either set or customized tours or appointments and you can take bookings and payments from many countries and currencies.

Obviously your guests can book online at any time, and you receive notification of these bookings.

Our system helps you turn more visitors into customers. We have buttons that integrate into your website and let you to take online bookings and payments.

We are focused on allowing you to run your business remotely as you will most likely be outdoors or servicing your clients most of the time.

We aim to reduce those nasty surprises of seeing 10 people arrive and you only have capacity for 8!!

It is a simple, low cost booking and checkout system for desktop and mobile. You have full control over your tours.

You can add "Book Now" buttons to your website or Facebook page.


Our goal is to be free!

We are not sure that this is achievable yet, but we are looking at ways to make this happen.

Currently we charge 5.5% per booking for credit and debit card processing, but hopefully not for long.


Bookitman is dedicated to helping tour operators focus on running tours!

Its like having an extra employee.

Our goal is to make a simple, free, transparent mobile booking system that helps you, the tour operator, run an efficient, successful business.

We know how hard it is to be a one man/woman show. To do everything, you need four arms and we hope to provide you an extra pair.

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