Bookitman is a secure and easy to use online booking and payments system that allows you to focus on your tours and clients.

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Bookitman is a website where you, 1 sign up, 2 add your business details, 3 create a bookitman service (tours, activities, classes, appointments) and then.. 4 use a button to link to your bookitman service from your own website.

Customers come to your website and click your buy now button. This takes them to a secure Bookitman form where they can choose the date, time, number of guests, and then book and pay for your service.

The resulting booking is then added to your booking calendar. Notifications are sent out and the tour takes place. You still have full control of the booking and you can view, reschedule, refund or cancel whenever you want. You can also add bookings from other sources, so that everything is in one place and you never leave a client hanging again.

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We created Bookitman for all types of business, but we started off with a particular type of business in mind. If you're a small activity company that would like to save time and become more organized, then Bookitman is the tool for you.

Business Types

We figured that if you run an outdoor tour company, a beauty parlour, ayoga studio a tutor or something similar, well, then you'd want to focus as much on your clients as possible, right?
Bookitman frees up your time so your clients can choose their time, pay for their activities and you can see the results of their actions in a neatly designed calendar that even works on your mobile device.

Percentage Based

You only pay once you take bookings, no upfront costs.

Simple & Secure

For your business to increase sales you need a simpler site that just works. Eliminate the fluff, we don't need that anymore, just give the customer what they want... quickly.

Who are we?

Two brothers who work super hard and REALLY are based in our garages. Andrew lives out in the Seychelles and Nick lives in Southern Portugal and we're just a tap away at any given moment.

We have spent years working for others on major IT projects in Cape Town South Africa, before emigrating from the corporate culture and refocusing on trying to really help small businesses like ourselves.

Your problems like finding a reliable web designer, figuring out how to get the most value out of digital marketing and looking for a good value video producer are the things we care about. We LOVE video, get super excited about making neat and simple web sites. However when they all work together and create sales for your company, that's when we're at our best.

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